Our work on trout focuses on inferring the diversity and distribution of native populations and subspecies throughout the Southern Rocky Mountains, and assessing the impact of management strategies aimed at conservation and restoration of native trout. The work involves a number of different agencies and people, including the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, US Bureau of Reclamation, the Bureau of Land Management, Trout Unlimited, and the dedicated efforts of many individuals, especially Jessica Metcalf (CU), Kevin Rogers (CDOW), and Chris Kennedy (USFWS).

Our most recent work combined historical stocking records with phylogenetic analysis of 19th century and 21st century samples to decipher the native diversity and distribution of cutthroat trout.

Recent publication: Metcalf et al. 2012

Downloads an EXCEL file

Downloads an EXCEL file

Map of the historical diversity and distribution of cutthroat trout based on DNA analysis of museum samples. Each color is a distinct subspecies. Two of the subspecies are extinct: O. c. macdonaldi (yellow) and an undescribed subspecies native to the San Juan drainage (red)