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Sample Exam Questions

Sample questions for exams 1-4

Anatomy Tip Sheets

Important disclaimer: Due to frequent revisions of the laboratory manual, the information contained here is not guaranteed to match the lab manual exactly. The current edition of the lab manual is always the ultimate reference for correct answers on the lab practical exams.

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Skull 1: Getting oriented
Skull 2: Finding foramina
Skull 3: Unusual views
Muscles 1: Forearm
Muscles 2: Leg
Muscles 3: Assorted Tips on Origins, Insertions and Actions
Muscles 4: Tour of forearm and hand muscles, with origins and insertions explained
Muscles 5: Muscle layers on plantar side of foot (including tendons of leg muscles)
Internal Organs 1: Lower abdomen and pelvis
Internal Organs 2: Liver and Stomach Region
Internal Organs 3: Miscellaneous Abdominal Structures
Cardiovascular system 0: Overview
Cardiovascular System 1: Arteries of the arms and thorax
Cardiovascular System 1: Arteries of the arms and thorax (unlabeled version)
Cardiovascular System 2: Arteries of the abdomen and thighs
Cardiovascular System 2: Arteries of the abdomen and thighs (unlabeled version)
Cardiovascular System 3: Arteries, veins, and ducts of the abdomen
Cardiovascular System 4: Veins of the head, neck, and upper limb
Nervous System 0: Cranial nerves VII, IX, X - structures innervated
Nervous System 1: Brachial Plexus

Practice questions

Practice questions for Exam 4

Other handouts

Key to labeled terms on self-quiz handouts for Exam 4

VH Dissector

VH Dissector is a software application that allows you to visualize anatomical structures based on the Visible Human Project. There is a web page on the course lab page describing where the software is found on campus. Currently, computers outside of the anatomy lab do not have a tutorial built in to the software. Therefore, the following tutorial was prepared expressly for students in this course.

VH Dissector Tutorial

Laboratory Manual

Veins on Cadavers. This will be a list of the veins that you are responsible for identifying on the cadavers, during the lab practical exam.

Anatomy TAs: Please report typos in the lab manual to me. Check the Lab Manual Errors page first to see if we are already aware of the error.


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