IPHY 3410-001

Instructor: Dr. Leif Saul
Fall 2018

Sketches and Screencasts

Anatomy Sketchbook

This project is based on the simple sketches and diagrams I occasionally draw in class using the transparency projector. In response to student requests, I wanted to put some of these online. In addition, this format allows me to augment this resource with additional drawings and explanations.
Areolar Connective Tissue & Membranes Articular Disc Muscles Smooth Muscle and GI Tract Wall Liver and Gallbladder Larynx and Heart Valves


These videos offer additional views and ways of thinking about the concepts presented in the course. The goal is to use a casual format similar to office hours to help explain concepts that have been troublesome for students. If you have a suggestion for a video, you can either email me or submit your ideas via the suggestions page.