IPHY 3410-001

Instructor: Dr. Leif Saul
Fall 2018

Terms of Use for Images and Information in IPHY 3410-001

Leif Saul. Revised 8/26/2018

As a student in this course you must adhere to the following terms. These are stipulated in the spirit of mutual respect, and represent my best attempt at fair compromise between creator rights and an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Images that I show with URLs (web addresses) are borrowed from the web and can be viewed publicly there. I display them on my PowerPoint slides to save class time, rather than switching to a web browser to show them. You do not have permission to duplicate or transmit these images, because this is likely to destroy the link between the image and its source.

The cartoons and diagrams used on thePowerPoint slides were created by Leif Saul, unless indicated otherwise. I reserve all rights and privileges to the use of these images. You do not have permission to record or duplicate them in any way, except as needed for your private use in studying the material in this course. Out of respect for your time and attention in this course, I create these images for your enjoyment and education, and in return I ask you to respect my rights as their creator. Generally, the cartoons are removed from the student files because they are most effective as a surprise, but some are included if they contain essential information.

Many of the painted illustrations from your textbook are included on PowerPoint slides. You have some rights concerning these images because you have purchased the required textbook. Consult Pearsonhighered.com for details.

You do not have permission to transmit any imagery or text presented in this course, with the exception of your own hand-created notes, sketches and diagrams, which you may share with a limited number of students enrolled in this course.

Clicker questions are displayed in class and temporarily posted on the web as a learning tool. You do not have permission to transmit these to anyone except other students currently enrolled in this course.

Video recordings of the course obtained using the Classroom Capture service are intended solely to improve learning by allowing you to review lectures outside of class, and may not be transmitted or duplicated.

You may not keep exams. This is a uniform policy among all sections of this course. Exams and answer sheets are handed in at the end of the exam period, and you will receive a printout showing your itemized results. You are welcome to view exam keys in my office hours, and keys will be posted for a limited time across from Ramaley N276. Practice exam questions are available at http://spot.colorado.edu/~saul/iphy3410/exams/.