IPHY 3410-001

Instructor: Dr. Leif Saul
Spring 2018

Textbook Questions

Revised 1/9/2018

Please be aware that the resources needed for this course depend on your instructor, and on whether or not you will be taking the lab.
Fall semester: Section 1 is at 11 am with Leif Saul; Section 2 is at 2 pm with Ruth Heisler.
Spring semester: Section 1 is at 2 pm with Leif Saul; Section 2 is at 12:30 pm with Heidi Bustamante.

Textbook purchase options

Q: In addition to Introduction to Human Anatomy (IPHY 3410), I am also taking Human Anatomy Lab (IPHY 3415) (now or within the next 24 months). What do I need?
A: You need:

Q: I am in IPHY 3410 Section 001 with Leif Saul. I know I will never take the anatomy lab (IPHY 3415). What do I really need for this (lecture) course?
A: If you are in Section 001 and you will never take the anatomy lab, then all you need is:

Q: Why are Mastering A&P, PAL, and the Hebert atlas included in the package sold new for IPHY 3410 Section 001?
A: Most students will be taking the lab as well, and these items are used in the laboratory. Also, Mastering A&P includes the digital version of the textbook, which lets you search for terms, and is a handy alternative to carrying the textbook around. However, if you are not taking the lab, in this section you will be fine with just the textbook and i-Clicker.

Q: I just need the digital textbook (with Mastering A&P (with online PAL)). Can I get that without the printed textbook, to save paper and money?
A: Yes, this is one of the options now available at the campus bookstore ($140.75 as of August 2017). Apparently, this is cheaper if you buy directly from the Mastering website (reportedly $115 as of August 2017).

Q: I just need the digital textbook, and I DON'T need Mastering A&P (with online PAL) because I won't be taking the lab.
A: You can buy the eText alone, without Mastering A&P. As of August 2017, this "eBook" option is available at the campus bookstore for $68.99.

Q: Is there a way to purchase Mastering A&P separately (e.g. if I buy a used textbook, but later decide to take the lab)?
A: Yes. ($68.95 as of September 2017.) Go to http://www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com. After a few clicks, you will be given the option for Mastering without the eText.

Q: I am in 3410-001 with Leif Saul, and my friend is in 3410-002 with Ruth Heisler or Heidi Bustamante. Do we need the same resources?
A: If you are both taking the lab, then the textbook package you purchase needs to include Mastering A&P (which contains PAL), and the textbook (for the lecture). If you are not taking the lab (now or in the future), then it matters which lecturer you have because:

Q: Can I use an older edition or used copy of the textbook?
A: The main issue is whether or not you need Mastering A&P and the other extras (see above), which are not included when you purchase a used or older copy. If you do not, then you should be fine with a used copy or older edition. All of the required information in Leif Saul's lecture (Section 1) comes from the PowerPoint slides. The textbook is a valuable source for more in-depth understanding of material that is presented only briefly in class due to time limitations. You will find the book useful when working on the homework, for example. In general, there are very few factual changes in the textbook from one editon to the next. Also, please note that you can go out and separately buy Mastering A&P(see link above), as well as the Hebert atlas (e.g. see amazon.com), so if you decide to take the lab later, you can buy those materials when you need them.

Mastering A & P (online resources provided by the textbook publisher)

Q: I won't take the lab until next semester. If I start my Mastering A&P access now, how long will it last?
A: If you buy Mastering either directly online or by using the code included in the textbook package purchased from the bookstore, your access is good for 24 months upon registration.
(Note: Currently students in the lab access Mastering through D2L. Since your D2L access only lasts for the semester you are in the lab course, this mode of access only lasts for a semester. But even afterward, within the 24-month period you will still have access to the eText and study area by going to www.pearsonmastering.com and using your Pearson credentials to access.)

Q: How can I access the eText (digital version of the textbook) and other study resources at Mastering A&P?
A: The easiest way to access these materials in this course is as follows:

  1. Go to http://pearsonmylabandmastering.com
  2. Either sign in with your Pearson account if you have already registered for Modified Mastering, or register with the access code in your textbook if you have not yet done so.
  3. Choose the course with the Course ID: saul05844 (NOTE - This changes from one semester to the next).
  4. Use the links in the left-hand column to access the eText (digital textbook) and other study resources. Please note that not all study resources match the exact content coverage in this course.

Q: I have a technical question about getting access to Mastering A&P. Where can I find more information?
A: You can contact our Pearson Representative, Erin Daubenmire at erin.daubenmire@pearson.com.