3D Global Gyrokinetic Simulation: The ORB Code

This is the place to get information on the ORB code. This is one of the primary codes of the Numerical Tokamak Turbulence Project, one of the Department of Energy, High Performance and Communications Initiative, Grand Challenge Applications.

Researchers Involved: Wei-li Lee, Zihong Lin, Harry Mynick, Jeremy Kepner, Princeton; Julian Cummings, LANL; Bob Santoro, UC-Irvine; Viktor Decyk, UCLA; Minh Tran, Mathieu Fivas, Kurt Appert, EPFL-Switzerland; Scott Parker, Univ. of Colorado.

Currently the ORB code is 3D nonlinear delta-f code solving the gyrokinetic equations in toroidal geometry. Features include multiple ion species (thanks to Bob), self-generated shear flows (thanks to Julian) self-consistant radial force balance (grad p and toroidal shear flows), numerically calculated realistic magnetic equilibria, plust particle loading (thanks to the Swiss), and a fairly well optimized domain decomp using PVM (thank to Viktor, Jeremy and Minh).

Check this out -- a great introductory web page thanks to Julian Cummings Gyrokinetic Simulation of Tokamak Plasma Turbulence. Unfortunately, this link does not work, because they have deleted old issues of the NERSC Buffer magazines.

For further information please email: scott.parker@colorado.edu. Anyone interested in helping make this a useful site?

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