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Human Physiology, IPHY 3435, Spring 2007

Office Hours

Time: Monday 4-4:50 pm, Wednesday 5-5:50 pm
Location: TB1, Room 108. The temporary building is attached to the West end of Clare Small. To get to my office from the lab rooms, go out the North entrance of Ramaley. Go West, and then take your next right (North). Continue North and enter Clare Small. Turn left and go to the end of the hall. Then turn right and go to the end of the hall. I am in the last office on your left.

If you need to meet me outside of schedule office hours, send me an e-mail and we'll arrange a time.

Practice Questions - Spring 2007

Practice Questions for Exam 2 (PDF format)

Practice Questions - Miscellaneous

Note: Test formats may change, but these give an idea of what I expected the exams to be like in an earlier year. There is some overlap with the more recent list (see above).

2005 Practice Questions for Exam 1 (PDF format)
2005 Practice Questions for Exam 2 (PDF format)

Metabolism & Metabolic Rate Lab

Of Mice and Elephants: A Matter of Scale - NY Times article about recent research that may explain common allometric scaling patterns in nature.

Skeletal Muscle

Mechanism of Filament Sliding - Animation of excitation-contraction coupling and the sliding filament process.


Channel Gating During an Action Potential - Animation showing changes in sodium and potassium channels.

Propagation of the Action Potential - Animation showing action potential moving along the axon.

Neurotransmitter Release - Animation of the neuromuscular junction (similar to communication between neurons).